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Our Story

             E-Jae Pak Mor (E-Jae means older sister in Chinese-Thai family, Pak Mor means Steamed Rice flour Dumpling or Wrap, so called "Kao Kreab Pak Mor"). Pak Mor can be found mostly in Thailand by a small cart vendor aka street food vendor. My inspiration came from my friend who really loves "Pak Mor" but it is hard to find someone who can make it or sell it. One day her grandma just moved from Philadelphia who is a great chef, she shows us how to make "Pak Mor". It is definitely not easy to make "Pak Mor" into a perfect wrap pattern, but we enjoy the rare dish we are craving for. It started from that day, it is so delicious that I kept thinking about wanting to eat more and practicing more skills of wrapping to get the perfect dumpling. After I learned from her, I tried and tried so many times until I got approved from grandma that's my Pak Mor is good! I started to sell "Pak Mor" through online since April 2021. I have a lot great customers who always support me and help me improving my "Pak Mor". I learned from their comments to do better and correct any mistake that I had. (Thank you guys!) After a year, I started to look for a place to start my dream of making "Pak Mor" for anyone can get to enjoy it anytime. Here I have now found the perfect restaurant in Seattle International District/Chinatown. E-Jae Pak Mor restaurant is serving authentic Thai dishes or well-known as Thai Street Foods such as Tom Yum Noodles (hot and sour noodle soup), Kao Mun Gai (Chicken over rice) and many more. My mission is to provide high-quality foods for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with skillful cooking into one extraordinary Thai food experience. 

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